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Center of Excellence for Applications of Mathematics
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1. Current and former intensive courses:

  • "Krylov Subspaces and Applications", (Albania);
  • “Approximation Theory and Applications”, (Bulgaria);
  • "New Aspects of the Time Frequency Analysis involving Fréchet Frames", (Serbia);
  • "Regular and Rapid Variation and Applications", (Serbia);
  • “Nonsmooth Numeric and Piecewise Linearization”, (Serbia);
  • "Measures of Noncompactness and Applications", (Kosovo);
  • "Nonsmooth Analysis with Applications", bilateral, (Romania);
  • "Microlocal Analysis, Wave Fronts and Propagation of Singularities", (Serbia);
  • “Applied Dynamic Programming”, (Macedonia);
  • "Linear Optimal Control of Dynamic Systems", (Croatia);
  • "Computational Number Theory", (Bosnia-Herzegovina);
  • "Applications of Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control to Cosmic Rendezvous", bilateral, (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
  • "Methods of Numerical Optimization", (Serbia);
  • "Robotics and Mathematics", (Macedonia);
  • "Data Protection", (Bulgaria);
  • "Summability Theory and Statistical Convergence", (Kosovo);
  • "Graph Spectra and Applications", (Serbia).
  • "Gabor Frames and Wavelets in Local Analysis", in Novi Sad (Serbia);
  • "Sparse Eigenvalue Problems", in Sarajevo (Bosnia);
  • "Applications of the Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control. The Smooth and Nonsmooth Cases", in Struga (Macedonia);
  • "Mathematics in Industry", in Sofia (Bulgaria);
  • "Symmetry in Science and Arts", in Vrnjačka Banja (Serbia).
  • "Molecular and Medical Image Analysis with Applications in Biology", in Niš (Serbia);
  • "Mathematical Approaches to Learning Processes", in Macedonia;
  • "Chaos, Expansions and Itó Calculus", in Novi Sad (Serbia);
  • "Hyperbolic Geometry and Arithmetics (Applications of the Selberg Trace Formula)", in Sarajevo (Bosnia);
  • "Homogenization and beyond", in Dubrovnik (Croatia).
  • "Algebraic Structures and their Applications in Coding Theory and Cryptography" in Ohrid (Macedonia); 
  • "Automatic Differentiation and Optimization with Applications to Singular Problems" in Novi Sad (Serbia);
  • "Applications of Harmonic Analysis on Totally Disconnected Groups (and Applications in Coding)" in Sarajevo, (Bosnia);
  • "Parallel Programming in Mathematical Modeling" in Chişinău (Moldavia);
  • "Measure Theoretical Tools in Partial Differential Equations" in Budva (Montenegro).
  • "Discrete Dynamical Systems and Difference Equations" in Sarajevo (Bosnia);
  • "Differential Calculus, Conservation Laws and Applications in Mechanics" in Novi Sad (Serbia).
  • "Number Theory and Applications" in Sarajevo (Bosnia);
  • "Fractional Calculus with Applications in Mechanics" in Novi Sad (Serbia).
  • "Mathematics and Music" in Niš (Serbia);
  • "Numerical Optimization and its Applications" in Novi Sad (Serbia);
  • "Geonext" in Sofia (Bulgaria);
  • "Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic" in Struga (Macedonia);
  • "Stochastic Processes and Systems Reliability" in Bitola (Macedonia);
  • "Graph Theory in Chemistry and Engineering" in Niš (Serbia);
  • "Coding Theory" in Sofia und Pamporovo (Bulgaria);
  • "Non-smooth Methods in Economics and Approximation Operators" in Clu-Napoca (Romania);
  • "Optimization – Theory and Applications" in Borovets und Sofia (Bulgaria);
  • "Applications of Algebra and Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science" in Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria).
  • "Game Theory and its Applications to Economics" in Sofia (Bulgaria);
  • Autumn School on "PDE-methods in Multivariate Spline Analysis with Applications to Wavelet Analysis" in Novi Sad (Serbia);
  • Mini-Workshop on "Software in Mathematical Didactics" in Plovdiv (Bulgaria);
  • "Bio-Mathematics" in Skopje (Macedonia);
  • "Financial Mathematics" in Sofia (Bulgaria).
  • Winter School on "Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations with Singularities" in Novi Sad (Serbia);
  • Summer School "Nonsmooth Methods in Mathematical Economics and Mathematical Methods in Computer Aided Geometric Design in Cluj-Napoca (Romania).
  • "Implementation of Financial Mathematics at Universities in South-Eastern Europe" in Plovdiv (Bulgaria);
  • "Dynamical Systems and Applications to Cryptography" in Ohrid (Macedonia);
  • "Coding Theory and Applications to Communication Technologies" in Sofia (Bulgaria);
  • Minisymposium on "Wavelets, Integral transforms and Applications to Signal Processing" in Novi Sad (Serbia);
  • Winter School on "Financial Mathematics", "Game Theory" and "Non-smooth Analysis and Applications to Economics" in Bankya (Bulgaria).
  • "Wavelet Analysis and Signal Processing" in Sofia (Bulgaria);
  • "Algebraic Coding Theory" in Sofia (Bulgaria).
2. Academic Exchange:
  • scholarships for students and graduates;
  • teaching and research stays for university professionals;
  • project coordination/planning measures;
  • support for German language courses;
  • reintegration assistance for academics returning to their home university ("functional integration").
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