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Academic Reconstruction of South Eastern Europe

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Programme Academic Reconstruction of South Eastern Europe was established in late 1999. It is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office originally within the German contribution to the Stability Pact. The objectives of the programme are:
  • rapid and sustainable improvement to the quality of education in SEE (South Eastern Europe);
  • the establishment of teaching and research networks;
  • support for young academically qualified experts from the region.

It aims at creating Centers of Excellence in SEE and at fostering cross-border co-operation within South Eastern Europe. Key subject areas are: engineering, information technology, agriculture and forestry, health and social sciences, law, economics and business studies.

Programme components
Subject related partnerships between German and South Eastern European universities, and qualification of regional scholarship holder groups in key subject areas at South Eastern European and German universities.

State of progress
Since the programme started in 1999, 31.5M Euro have been allocated by the German Federal Foreign Office. 19 project related partnerships were accepted 2012. Approx. 140 South Eastern European and German partner faculties and institutes currently participate. Funding has been provided to over 17,000 persons, mostly within the South Eastern European region. In 2011 about 1,000 regional scholarships (mainly to students and graduates from SEE in SEE) were awarded. The South Eastern European partner institutions host their guests from neighbouring countries for study, teaching and research purposes and during intensive courses, workshops and conferences.

Further information: Programme Outline, DAAD-Sonderprogramm Südosteuropa.

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