Dr. Thomas Hudson

                                             Streets that follow like a tedious argument   -   T. S. Eliot, The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock
                                 Annamaria Franzoni non è Medea per il semplice fatto che Bruno Vespa non è Euripide.   -   Antonio Scurati

Fachbereich C, Mathematik und Informatik
Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Gaußstr. 20
42097 Wuppertal

Raum: G.15.09
Tel: (0202) 439-3781
Mail: hudson (at) math.uni-wuppertal.de

Publications and Preprints

  • Vexillary degeneracy loci classes in K-theory and algebraic cobordism (joint with T. Matsumura), Preprint 2017, available on the arxiv.
  • Kempf-Laksov Schubert classes for even infinitesimal cohomology theories (joint with T. Matsumura), to appear in the EMS Congress Report ``Schubert varieties, equivariant cohomology and characteristic classes'' IMPANGA15 volume, available on the arxiv.
  • Segre classes and Damon-Kempf-Laksov formula in algebraic cobordism (joint with T. Matsumura), Preprint 2016, available on the arxiv.
  • Generalised symplectic Schubert classes, Preprint 2015, available on the arxiv.
  • Degeneracy loci classes in K-theory - Determinantal and Pfaffian formula (joint with T. Ikeda, T. Matsumura, H. Naruse), (2017) Advances in Mathematics, 320, 115-156, available here.
  • A Thom-Porteous formula for connective K-theory using algebraic cobordism, (2014) Journal of K-Theory, 14(2), 343-369.

    Research interests

    Algebraic cobordism, Schubert calculus, Chern classes


    Wintersemester 2018/19
    Tutorium zu Lineare Algebra I
    Prof. Dr. Jens Hornbostel

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