7th Workshop on Control of Distributed Parameter Systems

July 18th-22th 2011, Wuppertal, Germany

Organisers: Birgit Jacob (Wuppertal) and Roland Schnaubelt (Karlsruhe)

Distributed parameter systems (DPS) is an established area of research in control which can trace its roots back to the sixties. While the general aims are the same as for lumped parameter systems, to adequately describe the distributed nature of the system one needs to use partial differential equation (PDE) models. The modelling issue is in itself nontrivial, especially when there is boundary control action and sensing on the boundary. Controllability and observability concepts are subtle and investigating these for a single PDE example leads to a sophisticated mathematical problem. The action of controlling the system introduces feedback into the PDE model which results in a more complicated mathematical model; the resulting closed-loop system may not be well-posed and this issue has only quite recently become well understood. At this stage, the mathematical machinery for formulating the basic control problems is available (although not so well known), and this has led to a wealth of new system theoretic results for DPS.

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