C-XSC - A C++ Class Library for Extended Scientific Computing  2.5.4
cxsc::srmatrix Member List
This is the complete list of members for cxsc::srmatrix, including all inherited members.
abs(const srmatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
abs(const scmatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
absmax(const simatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
absmin(const simatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
ColLen(const srmatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
column_pointers()cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
column_pointers() const cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
CompMat(const simatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
CompMat(const srmatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
CompMat(const scmatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
CompMat(const scimatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
density() const cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
diam(const simatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
dropzeros()cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
element(int i, int j)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
full(rmatrix &A) const cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
get_nnz() const cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
Id(const srmatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
Im(const scmatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
Inf(const simatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
InfIm(const scimatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
InfRe(const scimatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
Lb(const srmatrix &, int)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
mid(const simatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
operator()(int i, int j) const cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator()(const int, const int, const int, const int)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator()(const int, const int, const int, const int) const cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator()(const intvector &pervec, const intvector &q)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator()(const intvector &pervec)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator()(const intmatrix &P, const intmatrix &Q)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator()(const intmatrix &P)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator*=(const rmatrix &B)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator*=(const rmatrix_slice &B)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator*=(const srmatrix &B)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator*=(const real &r)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator+=(const rmatrix &B)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator+=(const rmatrix_slice &B)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator+=(const srmatrix &B)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator-=(const rmatrix &B)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator-=(const rmatrix_slice &B)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator-=(const srmatrix &B)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator/=(const real &r)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator=(const real &A)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator=(const rmatrix &A)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator=(const rmatrix_slice &A)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator=(const srmatrix_slice &)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator>>(std::istream &, srmatrix_slice &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
operator>>(std::istream &, srmatrix_subv &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
operator[](const cxscmatrix_column &)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator[](const int)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator[](const cxscmatrix_column &) const cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
operator[](const int) const cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
Re(const scmatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
row_indices()cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
row_indices() const cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
RowLen(const srmatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
SetLb(srmatrix &, const int, const int)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
SetUb(srmatrix &, const int, const int)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
srmatrix()cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
srmatrix(const int r, const int c)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
srmatrix(const int r, const int c, const int e)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
srmatrix(const int m, const int n, const int nnz, const intvector &rows, const intvector &cols, const rvector &values, const enum STORAGE_TYPE t=triplet)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
srmatrix(const int m, const int n, const int nnz, const int *rows, const int *cols, const real *values, const enum STORAGE_TYPE t=triplet)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
srmatrix(const rmatrix &A)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
srmatrix(const int ms, const int ns, const rmatrix &A)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
srmatrix(const srmatrix_slice &)cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
Sup(const simatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
SupIm(const scimatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
SupRe(const scimatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
transp(const srmatrix &)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
Ub(const srmatrix &, int)cxsc::srmatrix [friend]
values()cxsc::srmatrix [inline]
values() const cxsc::srmatrix [inline]