C-XSC - A C++ Class Library for Extended Scientific Computing  2.5.4
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
cxsc::cdotprecisionThe Data Type cdotprecision
cxsc::cidotprecisionThe Data Type cidotprecision
cxsc::cimatrixThe Data Type cimatrix
cxsc::cimatrix_sliceThe Data Type cimatrix_slice
cxsc::cimatrix_subvThe Data Type cimatrix_subv
cxsc::cintervalThe Scalar Type cinterval
cxsc::civectorThe Data Type civector
cxsc::civector_sliceThe Data Type civector_slice
cxsc::cmatrixThe Data Type cmatrix
cxsc::cmatrix_sliceThe Data Type cmatrix_slice
cxsc::cmatrix_subvThe Data Type cmatrix_subv
cxsc::complexThe Scalar Type complex
cxsc::cvectorThe Data Type cvector
cxsc::cvector_sliceThe Data Type cvector_slice
cxsc::dotprecisionThe Data Type dotprecision
cxsc::idotprecisionThe Data Type idotprecision
cxsc::imatrixThe Data Type imatrix
cxsc::imatrix_sliceThe Data Type imatrix_slice
cxsc::imatrix_subvThe Data Type imatrix_subv
cxsc::intervalThe Scalar Type interval
cxsc::intmatrixThe Data Type intmatrix
cxsc::intmatrix_sliceThe Data Type intmatrix_slice
cxsc::intmatrix_subvThe Data Type intmatrix_subv
cxsc::intvectorThe Data Type intvector
cxsc::intvector_sliceThe Data Type intvector_slice
cxsc::ivectorThe Data Type ivector
cxsc::ivector_sliceThe Data Type ivector_slice
cxsc::l_cintervalThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_cinterval
cxsc::l_complexThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_complex
cxsc::l_imatrixThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_imatrix
cxsc::l_imatrix_sliceThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_imatrix_slice
cxsc::l_imatrix_subvThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_imatrix_subv
cxsc::l_intervalThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_interval
cxsc::l_interval_InfThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_interval_Inf
cxsc::l_interval_SupThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_interval_Sup
cxsc::l_ivectorThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_ivector
cxsc::l_ivector_sliceThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_ivector_slice
cxsc::l_realThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_real
cxsc::l_rmatrixThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_rmatrix
cxsc::l_rmatrix_sliceThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_rmatrix_slice
cxsc::l_rmatrix_subvThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_rmatrix_subv
cxsc::l_rvectorThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_rvector
cxsc::l_rvector_sliceThe Multiple-Precision Data Type l_rvector_slice
cxsc::lx_civectorThe Multiple-Precision Data Type lx_civector
cxsc::lx_ivectorThe Multiple-Precision Data Type lx_ivector
cxsc::realThe Scalar Type real
cxsc::rmatrixThe Data Type rmatrix
cxsc::rmatrix_sliceThe Data Type rmatrix_slice
cxsc::rmatrix_subvThe Data Type rmatrix_subv
cxsc::rvectorThe Data Type rvector
cxsc::rvector_sliceThe Data Type rvector_slice
cxsc::scimatrixA sparse complex interval matrix
cxsc::scimatrix_sliceA slice of a sparse complex interval matrix
cxsc::scimatrix_subvRepresents a row or column vector of a sparse matrix
cxsc::scivectorA sparse complex interval vector
cxsc::scivector_sliceHelper class for slices of sparse vectors
cxsc::scmatrixA sparse complex matrix
cxsc::scmatrix_sliceA slice of a sparse complex matrix
cxsc::scmatrix_subvRepresents a row or column vector of a sparse matrix
cxsc::scvectorA sparse complex vector
cxsc::scvector_sliceHelper class for slices of sparse vectors
cxsc::simatrixA sparse interval matrix
cxsc::simatrix_sliceA slice of a sparse real interval matrix
cxsc::simatrix_subvRepresents a row or column vector of a sparse matrix
cxsc::sivectorA sparse interval vector
cxsc::sivector_sliceHelper class for slices of sparse vectors
cxsc::srmatrixA sparse real matrix
cxsc::srmatrix_sliceA slice of a sparse real matrix
cxsc::srmatrix_subvRepresents a row or column vector of a sparse matrix
cxsc::srvectorA sparse real vector
cxsc::srvector_sliceHelper class for slices of sparse vectors