C-XSC - A C++ Class Library for Extended Scientific Computing  2.5.4
cxsc::rmatrix Member List
This is the complete list of members for cxsc::rmatrix, including all inherited members.
InfIm(const cimatrix &v)cxsc::rmatrix [friend]
InfIm(const cimatrix_slice &v)cxsc::rmatrix [friend]
InfRe(const cimatrix &v)cxsc::rmatrix [friend]
InfRe(const cimatrix_slice &v)cxsc::rmatrix [friend]
operator()(const intvector &p, const intvector &q)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator()(const intmatrix &P, const intmatrix &Q)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator()(const intvector &p)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator()(const intmatrix &P)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator()()cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator()(const int &m, const int &n)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator()(const int &m1, const int &m2, const int &n1, const int &n2)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator*=(const srmatrix &m)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator*=(const srmatrix_slice &m)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator+=(const srmatrix &m)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator+=(const srmatrix_slice &m)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator-=(const srmatrix &m)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator-=(const srmatrix_slice &m)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator=(const real &r)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator=(const rmatrix &m)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator=(const rmatrix_slice &ms)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator=(const rvector &v)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator=(const rvector_slice &v)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator=(const srmatrix &)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator=(const srmatrix_slice &)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator[](const int &i) const cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
operator[](const cxscmatrix_column &i) const cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
rmatrix(const rmatrix &rm)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
rmatrix(const rmatrix_slice &rm)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
rmatrix()cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
rmatrix(const int &m, const int &n)cxsc::rmatrix [inline, explicit]
rmatrix(const int &m1, const int &n1, const int &m2, const int &n2)cxsc::rmatrix [inline, explicit]
rmatrix(const rvector &v)cxsc::rmatrix [inline, explicit]
rmatrix(const rvector_slice &v)cxsc::rmatrix [inline, explicit]
rmatrix(const real &r)cxsc::rmatrix [inline, explicit]
rmatrix(const srmatrix &)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
rmatrix(const srmatrix_slice &)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
rmatrix(const intmatrix &)cxsc::rmatrix [inline]
SupIm(const cimatrix &v)cxsc::rmatrix [friend]
SupIm(const cimatrix_slice &v)cxsc::rmatrix [friend]
SupRe(const cimatrix &v)cxsc::rmatrix [friend]
SupRe(const cimatrix_slice &v)cxsc::rmatrix [friend]