Verified Numerics meets Computer Algebra     
intpakX combines Interval Arithmetic with the features of a Computer Algebra System. It offers a variety of algorithms for the use with Maple(TM). Thus, you can do verified computations and at the same time get your results graphically visualized.
    Functional Range

View a list of the most important functions and operators intpakX offers.

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     Interval Newton Method

The Interval version of the Newton Method lets you find all zeros of a continuously differentiable function and moreover gives you a proof for the existence of unique zeros.

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     2D Range Enclosure

You can enclose the range of a real-valued function in one real variable using either equidistant or adaptive subdivision and either interval evaluation or the mean value form.

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     3D Range Enclosure

As well as for functions in one real variable, you can also compute range enclosures for real-valued functions in two variables and visualize the resulting intervals.

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     Complex Disc Arithmetic

Make use of complex disc arithmetic types and operations to enclose the range of a complex polynomial or compute the exponential function for disc intervals.

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     Download - Literature - Contact

Download intpakX or one of the available preprints or get in contact with us.

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