Oberseminar Algebra und Zahlentheorie

Projectivity of the Witt vector affine Grassmannian (after Bhatt-Scholze)

The Oberseminar in SoSe 22 is about the article Projectivity of the Witt vector affine Grasmannian by Bhatt and Scholze.
Here is the program .
The seminar takes place on Wednesdays 10:15 - 11:45 in room G.13.18(BUW).

Talk Day Speaker
1. Introduction and discussion 06.04.22 Kay
2. h-sheaves and v-sheaves, I 13.04.22 Fei
3. h-sheaves and v-sheaves, II 20.04.22 Yingying
4. Perfect schemes and the perfection of an \(\mathbb{F}_p\)-scheme 27.04.22 Dennis
5. Base change and h-descent for vector bundles on perfect schemes 04.05.22 Mattia
6. Geometric fiber criterion for the vanishing of higher direct images of the structure sheaf under proper perfectly finitely presented maps 11.05.22 Christoph
7. A geometric fiber criterion for descending vector bundles under perfectly finitely presented maps. 18.05.22 Raju
8. Finitely generated \(p\)-torsion \(W(R)\)-modules 25.05.22 Julian
9. Closedness of the locus where the cokernel of an isogeny has type \(\le \lambda\) and the Demazure scheme 01.06.22 Georg
10. The Witt vector affine Grassmannian and the construction of \(\mathcal{L}\) 15.06.22 Grétar
11. Keel's semi-ampleness criterion. 22.06.22 Sascha
12. No talk 29.06.22
13. Proof of the Main Theorem: \(\mathcal{L}\) is ample. 06.07.22 Kay
14. No talk 13.07.22