Oberseminar Algebra

Applications of the étale fundamental group to algebraic geometry

The Oberseminar in SoSe21 is on applications of the étale fundamental group to algebraic geometry. We focus mostly on understanding two recent articles of Daniel Litt as well as de Jong's conjecture.
Here is the program.

The seminar takes place on Wednesdays 10:15 - 11:45 via Zoom.

The same Zoom-link works each week. Please write to ruelling(a-in-o)uni-wuppertal.de if you are interested to attend via Zoom.

Talk Day Speaker
1. Introduction 21.04.21 Raju
2. Pro-\(\ell\) and \(\mathbb{Q}_\ell\)-pro-unipotent group rings of a profinite group 28.04.21 Grétar
3. Quasi-unipotent monodromy theorem 05.05.21 Kay
4. The weight filtration (Reminder on group rings etc by Raju) 12.05.21 Christoph
5. Convergent group rings 19.05.21 Fei
6. Main Theorem of [Litt18] 02.06.21 Georg
7. Deformations of representations: The talk; the typed notes 09.06.21 Yingying
8. Statement of de Jong's conjecture 16.06.21 Sascha
9. Pseudo-representations 23.06.21 Julian
10. The Rigidity Lemma 30.06.21 Fei
11. Proof of Theorem 1.1.3 in [Litt 21] 07.06.21 NN
12. Theorem 1.1.11 in [Litt21] 14.06.21 NN