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The SONIC framework

(Nonlinear systems and unconstrained and constrained global optimization)


Lars Balzer
Thomas Beelitz
Elke Just
Bruno Lang
Paul Willems

Duration and funding

Since October 2004


This work continues our research on result-verifying methods for solving nonlinear systems and unconstrained and constrained global optimization. Research topics include

Project-related publications

[1] Elke Just and Bruno Lang. Success-guided selection of expanded systems for result-verifying nonlinear solvers. Reliab. Comput., 16:73--83, March 2012. [ Abstract ]
[2] Thomas Beelitz, Bruno Lang, Peer Ueberholz, and Paul Willems. Closing the case t = 3 for 3-D spherical t-designs using a result-verifying nonlinear solver. Reliab. Comput., 14:66--77, June 2010. [ Abstract ]
[3] Thomas Beelitz, Andreas Frommer, Bruno Lang, and Paul Willems. A framework for existence tests based on the topological degree and homotopy. Numer. Math., 111(4):493--507, February 2009. [ Abstract ]

Project-related theses

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