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Research project "ELPA-AEO - Eigenvalue solvers for petaflop applications: algorithmic extensions and optimizations"

(Hochskalierbare Eigenwert-Löser für PetaFlop-Anwendungen: Algorithmische Erweiterungen und Optimierungen)


Martin Galgon
Bruno Lang
Valeriy Manin

Duration and funding

February 2016 to January 2019, funding:


The ELPA-AEO project extends the earlier ELPA project that provided efficient highly parallel routines for solving the generalized eigenproblems A x = B x λ occuring in, e.g., ab initio electronic structure computations. While the focus remains on this application area, the techniques and routines developed in the ELPA-AEO project will extend the range of applicability and improve the efficiency w.r.t. time and efficiency. This includes The Wuppertal group mainly focuses on algorithmic issues.

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