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Research project "Computing gradients for numerical flow analysis"

(Rechnergestützte Gradientenbildung in der numerischen Strömungsanalyse)


Christian H. Bischof
H. Martin Bücker
Bruno Lang
Emil Slusanschi

Duration and funding

January 2000 to August 2002, funded by as subproject A8 of the Collaborative Research Center SFB 401


In this project the TFS flow solver was extended to provide derivative information, which then was used for sensitivity analysis and for geometry optimization.

Project-related publications

[1] C. H. Bischof, H. M. Bücker, B. Lang, A. Rasch, and E. Slusanschi. Efficient and accurate derivatives for a software process chain in airfoil shape optimization. Future Gen. Comput. Syst., 21(8):1333--1344, October 2005. [ Abstract ]
[2] Christian H. Bischof, Bruno Lang, and Andre Vehreschild. Automatic differentiation for MATLAB programs. Proc. Appl. Math. Mech., 2(1):50--53, March 2003. Proc. GAMM-Jahrestagung, March 25--28, 2002, Augsburg, Germany. [ Abstract ]
[3] Christian H. Bischof, H. Martin Bücker, Bruno Lang, and Arno Rasch. Automated gradient calculation. In Josef Ballmann, editor, Flow Modulation and Fluid-Structure Interaction at Airplane Wings, number 84 in Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design, pages 205--224. Springer, Berlin, 2003. [ Abstract ]
[4] H. Martin Bücker, Bruno Lang, Arno Rasch, and Christian H. Bischof. Automatic parallelism in differentiation of Fourier transforms. In Chin-Cheng Hung, Henry Hexmoor, et al., editors, Proc. 2003 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC 2003), March 9--12, 2003, Melbourne, FL, pages 148--152, New York, NY, 2003. Assoc. Comput. Mach. [ Abstract ]
[5] C. H. Bischof, H. M. Bücker, B. Lang, A. Rasch, and A. Vehreschild. Combining source transformation and operator overloading techniques to compute derivatives for MATLAB programs. In Proc. 2nd IEEE Intl. Workshop on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM 2002), October 1, 2002, Montreal, Canada, pages 65--72. IEEE Computer Society, November 2002. [ Abstract ]
[6] H. Martin Bücker, Bruno Lang, Arno Rasch, and Christian H. Bischof. Computation of sensitivity information for aircraft design by automatic differentiation. In Peter M. A. Sloot, C. J. Kenneth Tan, Jack J. Dongarra, and Alfons G. Hoekstra, editors, Computational Science -- ICCS 2002 International Conference, April 21--24, 2002, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Proceedings, Part II, number 2330 in LNCS, pages 1069--1076, Berlin, 2002. Springer-Verlag. [ Abstract ]
[7] H. Martin Bücker, Bruno Lang, Dieter an Mey, Arno Rasch, and Christian H. Bischof. Explicit loop scheduling in OpenMP for parallel automatic differentiation. In Jalal N. Almhana and C. Bhavsar Virendrakumar, editors, Proc. 16th Annual International Symposium on High Performance Computing Systems and Applications (HPCS 2002), Moncton, Canada, June 16--19, 2002, pages 121--126, Los Alamitos, CA, 2002. IEEE Computer Society. [ Abstract ]
[8] H. Martin Bücker, Bruno Lang, Arno Rasch, and Christian H. Bischof. Sensitivity analysis of an airfoil simulation using automatic differentiation. In M. H. Hamza, editor, Proc. International IASTED Conference on Modelling, Identification, and Control (MIC 2002), Innsbruck, Austria, February 18--21, 2002, pages 73--76, Anaheim, CA, 2002. ACTA Press. [ Abstract ]
[9] H. Martin Bücker, Bruno Lang, Dieter an Mey, and Christian H. Bischof. Bringing together automatic differentiation and OpenMP. In M. Furnari and E. Gallopoulos, editors, Proceedings International Conference on Supercomputing, ICS 2001, Sorrento, Italy, June 17--21, 2001, pages 246--251, New York, NY, 2001. ACM Press. [ Abstract ]

Project-related theses

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