Young Researchers in Representation Theory
When and Where?
From October 7 to October 10, 2013 at the CVJM Bildungsstätte in Wuppertal. The first lecture will start at 10 AM on Monday October 7.
Giving PhD-students the opportunity to present and discuss their field of research. We would like to encourage every participant to give a 60 min talk (though this is not mandatory). There is no restriction for the topic of the talks apart from requiring some relation to representation theory. Please note that we do not expect you to present results (unless you would like to). A talk may rather be an introduction to your field of research and the techniques affiliated to it.
Due to capacity bounds, the number of participants is limited to 14.
Costs and accomodation
All participants will stay at the CVJM. As lectures start on Monday morning, it is possible to arrive at the CVJM on Sunday (October 6) in the evening. Single rooms are available for all attendants. Costs are covered by the DFG SPP 1388. Please find the reimbursement form of travel costs.
Registration closed. Here is a list of participants and a schedule of the conference.
Bea Schumann ( and Hans Franzen (