Sara Confalonieri
Sara Confalonieri
Research area
  • History of mathematics:
    Renaissance algebra, cubic equations, casus irreducibilis, Girolamo Cardano;
    Numerical solution of equations in the 19th century, counting and separating the real real roots, Joseph Fourier, Charles Sturm;
    Female scholars in Italy in the 18th century

  • History of mathematics education:
    Generalisations of Descartes' rule of signs;
    Wilhelm Fiedler () correspondence on projective geometry with the Italian geometers;
    Mathematics textbooks in France around the 18th century
  • Contact
    Room F 12.02a
    Bergische Universität Wuppertal
    Arbeitsgruppe Didaktik und Geschichte der Mathematik
    Gaußstraße 20
    42119 Wuppertal (Germany)