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Here's the current version intpakX v1.2. The zipfile contains the main worksheet which you can either directly use or use to produce a Maple package from it, and an additional documentation worksheet as a user guide.

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  Literature (Preprints)

The following preprints on intpakX are available:

  • BUW-WRSWT 2003/2
    Grimmer, M.; Petras, K.; Revol, N.:
    Multiple Precision Interval Packages: Comparing Different Approaches

    Preprint 2003/2, Universität Wuppertal, 2003 (Abstract).
    Published in: Numerical Software with Result Verification,
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 2991/2004, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, pp. 64 - 90, (2004).
  • BUGHW-WRSWT 2002/5
    Grimmer, M.:  Interval Arithmetic in Maple with intpakX
    Preprint 2002/5, Universität Wuppertal, 2002.
    To appear in: PAMM - Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, GAMM-Conference Augsburg 2002, Wiley-InterScience
    (Postscript (427 KB), PDF (200 KB))
  • BUGHW-WRSWT 2001/2
    Krämer, W.; Geulig, I.:
    Interval Calculus in Maple - The Extension intpakX to the Package intpak of the Share-Library
    Preprint 2001/2, Universität Wuppertal, 2001
    (Postscript (1.47 MB), PDF (738 KB))
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intpakX was published as a Maple Power Tool.


intpakX was written by I. Geulig, W. Krämer, M. Grimmer.

It is based on the Maple package intpak which was written by R. Corless and A. Connell, University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Maple(TM) is a registered Trademark of Waterloo Maple, Inc.


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