Pascal-XSC (Older Tools)

Here, you find some older tools for Pascal-XSC:

  Software Measurement Tool (pmetric)

(Author: H. Berlejung)

Content: This is a simple (and possibly) incorrect software measurement tool for programs written in Pascal-XSC. It is called pmetric. It is based on a flex/bison compatible grammar and parser description adapted from the common BSI Pascal version. It calculates and displays all functions, procedures and operators of a pxsc program. It determines several software metrics like SLOC, ELOC, CCM (Mccabe) It determines number of real and interval data (with some limitations!)

This package includes the files pxsc.l (parser for Pascal-XSC) and pxsc.y (grammar for Pascal-XSC).

Download (version 1.3, 1996/06/19):

  Makefile Generator (pmake)

(Author: H. Berlejung)

Content: pmake generates a 'makefile' for Pascal-XSC programs. With this makefile 'make' envokes the Pascal-XSC compiler in order to compile all programs in the right order and if necessary.

Download (version 1994/01/26):

How can I get the Pascal-XSC compiler?

There are several free versions of PASCAL-XSC available for download from our www-server