About us

The Department of Mathematics and Informatics represents the fields of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Applied Computer Science in academic education and research. The Department's staff is organized in research groups.

The Department of Mathematics and Informatics offer a large number of courses of studiesonly german page available.

In addition the department is responsible for the basic academical education in mathematics in other departments of the university (e.g. Economics, Physics, Construction Engineering, Machine Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Safety Engineering).

As an important member of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Applied Information Science and Scientific Computing (IZ II) the Department vitally participates in the offers of lectures in Computer Sciences.

24 professors and 27 scientific assistents are employees at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics. Furthermore the department has 6.5 working places for non-scientific colleagues (secretariats and laboratory engineers). After successfully finishing their basic studies many students work as (paid) scientific helps in research.

Technical equipment:
The department possesses workstation pools (UNIX workstations) and PC Clusters (Linux/Windows 2000) for students which are available to them from the begin of their studies. All the department's offices are equipped with workstations according to the »Wissenschaftler-Arbeitsplatz-Programm«. Further local computer resources can be found in the university's Computing Center and in the Computer Laboratory for Parallel Algorithms and Stochastic Simulations of the Institute for Applied Computer Science.
  Study conditions  

The special circumstances in Wuppertal's Department of Mathematics and Informatics feature
  • small number of students - already in the courses of the introductory study period
  • small groups in exercise courses
  • uncomplicated relationships to lecturers and assistents
  • grand computer equipment
  • a (still) well equipped Library
  • international cooperation inclusive exchange of students
and some more special features that can be found on the pages of the Fachschaft (students).
In the Spiegel-Ranking 1999 the Department of Mathematics and Informatics was ranked No.7 (of 55).